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Thank you for making the Bear Lake Classic presented Pepsi, Blue Water Resort and Logan Regional Sports Medicine a part of your 2016 cycling season.  Each year we aim to improve on the last year and hopefully exceed your expectations.  Based on your feedback, together with the Utah Cycling Association, we’ve added some new categories and events, and have even carefully planned to extend the event to more recreational riders to help fund an even better event for all. 

One of the aspects of road racing is sometimes roads get torn up, hopefully with the goal of adding wider shoulders and better surfaces for cyclists and motorists alike.  This year, our ride has been impacted by a major construction project from Garden City to the rest area north of the Rendezvous Beach State Park (south-end).  Because of the construction, we are not permitted to start and finish in the same location, so we have worked out a new start and finish that you hopefully will find more exciting, safer, and different enough that you will look forward to the event on May 13th and 14th.

The most exciting aspect for us this year, is that we are extending our hill climb so that our racers and riders can have a choice of a  climbers finish closer to the top of the summit, OR a sprint finish on the flats roads in Garden City.  Additionally, we have included a new feed zone so that all riders are able to have an enjoyable time riding around this beautiful lake community.  

This weekend could not have taken place without the generous support of many great people, organizations and sponsors.  We would like the express our appreciation to the following:


Without our sponsors, we would not be able to provide the large prize purse we do in 2016.  Our sponsors have been extremely generous in providing the support necessary for you to race and ride around Bear Lake area this weekend.  Please thank and support them!


•    Admiral Beverage - Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Gatorade, Aquafina

•    Intermountain Health Care – Logan Regional Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

•    Al’s Sporting Goods

•    Blue Water Resort


Logan Race Club, ARS Cleaning and Restoration, Utah Public Radio, CampChef, iFit and FreeMotion, Cafe Sabor and OffPremise Catering, ZIPZ Drive-in, Cache Valley Women’s Center, SignPro Sign Company, Watkins Printing, & Race2Race Promotions.

Another exciting thing for us is that last year (2015) the Bear Lake area was selected to host the 1st Stage of the Tour of Utah on Aug. 3rd, 2015.  

This year, the Bear Lake Classic is brought to you through a partnership between longtime race director R2RPromotions and HeadSpin Events.  Headspin Events, and owner Troy Oldham, are also the race directors and promoters of the Cache Gran Fondo.  Between Kevin Rohwer and Troy Oldhamand their staff, they have over 20 combined years of experience putting onlarge-scale cycling events.  Thank you for retuning or joining for the first time!



•    Register On-Line: or

•    On-Site registration at Blue Water Resort, 2126 S. Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT – Note: On-site registration subject to late fees!  PLEASE REGISTER EARLY SO WE CAN PLAN FOR FOOD AND SUPPORT.

•    Friday’s ITT – Packet pick-up and day-off registration at Blue Water – Friday, May 13 - 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

•    Saturday’s Road Race packet pickup: Blue Water Resort – Garden City, UT 84341 - Friday May 13 - 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM  and 7:30PM to 9:00PM – On-site registration 

•    Saturday’s Road Race late registration and packet pickup: Saturday 6:30 AM to 8:00AM @ Blue Water Resort.  NOTE: Race start location will be at Rendezvous Beach.  All riders are encouraged to park at Blue Water Resort, and warm up with a gentle ride to the start.  Please plan/time your departure from Blue Water beach so you can get to the start line in time for your category start time.



Friday, May 13, 2016: UCA Individual Time Trial HILL CLIMB

Start Times:     - First racer will start at: 5:00 Pm Categories will depart in 1-minute intervals. Don’t miss your start!

Starting Order:

Men Pro 1,2,3,4

Mens 35+ 1,2,3,4

Women Open

Men 4, 5

Masters 35+ 

Junior’s (M/F – 10-14)    

Staging Area: (Different than Blue Water) – Bear Lake Community Health Center parking lot (across from Go Carts on US 89), Garden City, UT

Parking and Restrooms:  At start location, Garden City, UT (PLEASE PARK IN NORTH LOT - DO NOT BLOCK HEALTH CENTER ENTRANCE.

Please put all numbers on the left

Course Description: 3.3 mile uphill climb from Garden City Office to the Rocky Point turn-out.  Racers will start on 60-second intervals and will climb right hand side of road, single file.  Racers will yield to traffic after the finish for return back to Start or congregate in the lookout parking lot PLEASE use EXTREME caution when crossing the road for return.  

Awards will be handed out at the Cafe Sabor after the event, Cafe Sabor will have a special Riders Menu with several discounted items.




Saturday, May 14, 2016: Bear Lake Classic UCA Points Road Race and Classic Half-Century

Start Times:     First racers will start at: 8:45AM.  NOTE: All racers will start before recreational riders.  Recreational 50-mile riders will all leave immediately after the race teams.  

All riders are encouraged to park at Blue Water Resort, and warm up with a gentle ride to the start.  Please plan/time your departure from Blue Water beach so you can get to the start line in time for your category start time.


Men's Pro 1,2,3                          8:45am   48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's Masters 35+ Cat 1,2,3,4  8:50am    48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's Masters 45+ Cat 1,2,3,4  8:53am    48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's Cat 3,4                            8:55am    48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's 35+ Cat 3,4                  8:55am     48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's Cat 4,5                            9:00am     48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's Masters 55+                     9:03am     48 miles  (CLIMB)

Men's OPEN Cat (flat finish)    9:05am      43.5 miles (FLAT)

Women's Pro 1,2,3                    9:10am      48 miles  (CLIMB)

Women's Cat 3,4                       9:12am     48 miles   (CLIMB)

Women's Masters 35+                9:15am     48 miles   (CLIMB)

Recreational riders (48 miles or 43.5 miles) 9:15 - 9:20am (CLIMB or FLAT) 


Staging Area: Blue Water Resort, 2126 S. Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT Parking and Restrooms: Available at Blue Water Resort, Garden City, UT. All riders are encouraged to park at Blue Water Resort, and warm up with a gentle ride to the start.  Please plan/time your departure from Blue Water beach so you can get to the start line in time for your category start time.

Course Description: 48-mile flat loop with some rolling hills on east shore, followed by a CLIMB or FLAT finish. Neutral support (new this year) will also be provided at the North Beach parking area (about 25-mile markers) The FEED ZONE is available for all riders but most racers do not stop during their lap; however it will be open from 9:30 -until 11:00 on Saturday.

Course Directions: From the Rendezvous Beach State Park, turn LEFT and proceed on highway in East/South direction. Apx 2 miles at LakeTown intersection, turn LEFT proceeding North - directly towards the lake. After approximately one mile, the road turns hard right (east) and then curves north along the east-side of Bear Lake. PLEASE use caution at the three (3) cattle guards (Apx. Mile – 5, 15 and 20). At about Mile 23, the course turns LEFT and proceeds west across the top of Bear Lake, (NORTH BEACH FEED ZONE at about mile 25).  At about mile 29.5, the course turns LEFT again onto US89 at St. Charles (CAUTION - please yield to possible traffic coming from both directions as you make the LEFT-hand turn) and proceed south down the west side of Bear Lake.  At about mile 42.5, use caution coming to the 'T' in Garden City, you will turn RIGHT and proceed to the entrance of Logan Canyon.  FLAT FINISH riders will turn right at 300 West and proceed 1/2 mile to the FLAT FINISH.  CLIMB RACERS and RIDERS proceed west, up the summit road, keeping to the far-right shoulder for the entire climb to the summit.  NOTICE: The FINISH line is about 100 meters before the turn-out to the Bear Lake Overlook.  Once across the finsih line, PLEASE proceed with caution and cross US89 with the assistance of the marshall at the top.  Hydration Support will be provided at the overlook, and a chance to recover and wait for friends before returning to Garden City and Blue Water Beach.  PLEASE DESEND WITH CAUTION!!!  THE RACE IS OVER.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon crossing the finish line; DO NOT STOP AND TALK WITH OTHER RIDERS.  ALL THOSE SUPPORTING OR WATCHING YOU FINISH, MUST WAIT AT THE OVERLOOK AREA AND NOT ON THE ROAD.  We know you want to discuss the race; you’re excited we know ….but SAFETY COMES FIRST!  PLEASE PROCEED TO A SAFE CROSSING AND Do not cross back over the finish line; doing so will lead to disqualification



All directions start from Main St. and Center St. in Logan

Bear Lake Classic Races and Events

Staging Area:  Blue Water Resort, 2126 S. Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT for RR and TTT;  Friday, ITT = Bear Lake Community Health Clinic/US 89 (across from Go-Carts in Garden City.)

Conservative Estimated Drive Time:  50 Minutes (from downtown Logan, Utah)

Directions:     Head NORTH on MAIN ST. /HW 91; Turn RIGHT on 400 North (US 89).  Proceed EAST through Logan Canyon to the “T” in Garden City.

FOR ACCOMMODATIONS & RACE START/FINISH & SAME-DAY Registration - Turn RIGHT in center of Garden City and precede SOUTH apx 3.5 – 4.0 miles to Blue Water Resort.


The Blue Water Resort at 2126 S. Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT is an official sponsor of the 2007 Bear Lake Classic.  Special $69 double queen are available by calling 800-756-0795 or 435-946-3333 or email


Friday Individual Time Trial. Rider Fees: $20

Saturday Road Race Categories & Entry Fees: All Categories $45 (except Juniors - see below)  SEE for details and description.

Junior’s (M/F – 10-14) $10 

For adult Cat riders - $10 late fee will apply to SATURDAY on-site registration (example: $50 + $10 = $60 total) Youth 15+ MUST race in a category.

to volunteer

We are especially thankful for the Logan Race Club and their continued support of the Bear Lake Classic.  Volunteers from the club provide vital support at key locations throughout the route. 

We DO STILL NEED more volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering, please send an e-mail to Troy at and we will get you assigned to a task on the route.  THANK YOU!


To download the 2016 Bear Lake Classic Race Guide, Click Here

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We look forward to seeing you on May 13th & 14th in beautiful Garden City, Utah!

2016 Poster. Click to download to print and share

2016 Poster. Click to download to print and share